Friday, June 1, 2012

153/366 Chilly Zoo Day

Miss Linda and Mr. Gary thought it would be fun to go to the zoo all together, so we went today!  We got there early, and it was pretty chilly when the sun was hiding.  We looked at some neat animals, and we got to ride the train, too.  KiKi rode on the merry-go-round thing, but I didn’t want to get on it.  I got kind of scared on the one in Wisconsin, so I just watched her ride this time.

Of course, I was happiest when Miss Linda would carry me.  She’s so nice like that.

We saw some baby elephants playing in the water and splashing around.

This is Daddy’s favorite guy there. There were three of them all close together in the water.

Last time we were here, KiKi loved the penguins the most.  So we went over there to see them.  I like them outside, but I didn’t like the inside part last time.  This little guy just looked at us. We said “Hi” and everything.

When Mommy wanted a picture with him, we got grouchy and he went away. She says that’s what happen when little girls get grouchy.

I liked the inside part of the penguin house today, and KiKi’s the one that didn’t get excited.  Once I got used to the cold and the weird lights, I thought it was great!

KiKi had lots of fun on the merry-go-round with Miss Linda.

Then we went to ride the train.  This was our first train ride ever!! First we got to watch the train come to the station.

Then we got on.  Daddy and I rode with Mr. Gary.

KiKi sat with Miss Linda and Mommy in front of us.


The train ride was GREAT!  We loved the animals, and we really liked to go through the tunnels, too.  Now that we know it’s so fun, we’ll have to do it again next time.

After we got done at the zoo, we went to Chimi’s for lunch. Our favorite place!  It was a super fun day!  Thanks, Miss Linda and Mr. Gary!!!

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