Saturday, June 9, 2012

161/366 Sand and Xander

That’s hard to say… Sand and Xander…

Today we ate breakfast and then Mommy took us to the Y to swim while Daddy did some studying at home.  We know all about right where to go there.


After we got home and all showered after the pool, Mommy had to go back to the  Y to go to work, so Daddy took us to Grandma C’s house so we could play with Xander this afternoon. He’s visiting this weekend.

We played with the sandbox.  I used the rake.  It’s a little big for me.

After I did it, KiKi had a turn.

Then Xander used the rake. He’s the strongest of all of us, and the biggest, but we’re both older than him. 

We took baths when we were done because we were dirty.  We’ve been in the water a lot today!

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