Monday, June 4, 2012

156/366 Helping with handprints

KiKi and I wanted to make handprints on the window.  Mommy says there are MORE than enough already there, but we thought it would be fun anyway.  I told KiKi, “Push hard!” So we were making funny noises and pushing on the door hard as we could.
We made prints, but they weren’t very good.  KiKi said we need to get rid of the old ones and start again.  Mommy said she would maybe clean it, but it seemed silly to do it only so we could make more handprints.

KiKi likes to listen to music but she wants to be able to see the words for the songs, so when she hears a good one on Joy FM, Mommy looks it up for her on YouTube and she can learn the words.  She always knows them right away after the first time and then she can sing along.

(Mommy note: And that is why I’m so glad that I made the decision to do only Christian/family-friendly radio in the car or at home with the girls.  If she wants to be knowing the words--and she does insist—then thank goodness I’m not having to edit for her. I love that her favorites are Mandisa and TobyMac and Newsboys and Britt Nicole and Francesca Battistelli, instead of Justin B**ber, or even Mickey Mouse.  Check out those links… those are my 3-year-old’s favorite songs. And she knows them. Well. Braska knows them all, too, just from the repetition.  I love that we can listen to great music together! This is the new one she’s getting into now…Is there a message I want her to learn more than that?? )


  1. Wonderful! I remember when your dad realized he needed to listen to just Christian radio in the car...when you started singing a secular song you heard. You're giving them music for life :o)

  2. That's great, how the girls love the Christian songs. I remember when we switched over to "all Christian" in Dallas - KPBC AM -- because of lyrics. All six gravitated back to "secular" at some point, and it's nice now to see grand girls and momma singin' Britt Nichole, Toby, et al together! Have you heard City Harmonic? We heard them live at Mission conv. and


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