Wednesday, June 27, 2012

179/366 Daddy’s work without Daddy

Daddy’s still in Oregon.  He sent us this picture today. See that mountain? It’s name is Hood.  It has SNOW on it! 

Today we went to Daddy’s work for an appointment with Dr. A and for my xrays.  He checks my hips and legs and feet to make sure everything is right so I can keep walking right.  He said I look great!!

After, we went around the corner to where Daddy’s desk is.  He wasn’t there.  It was weird to be there without Daddy.  But Miss Liz was there, and we like her a lot.  She works next to Daddy, and she’s Mommy’s healthy eating helper.

KiKi decided to work on Daddy’s computer a little bit.

Daddy sent us a picture later.  It’s him and Uncle Ethon when they were little boys.  Aren’t they cute!?!  They found it at Great Grandpa Rod’s house.

We were ready for bed when it was time.  KiKi decided to put her blanket over her head for some reason.

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  1. You little scalawag! You came to my work without me! I guess that's okay.


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