Sunday, June 17, 2012

169/366 Day for Daddy Pop

Father’s Day is when we make Daddy feel extra special. So we give him lots of kisses. He likes kisses.

We went to PaPaw John’s church since he’s a father, too.  They gave away POPsicles. Get it?  POP, like for Daddy.  Funny.

KiKi ate hers when we got back to Grandma C’s house.  Mommy made her put her play clothes on first.  And go outside to eat it. And wear a bib. And put a napkin on her lap.  Silly, I know.  Mommy really doesn’t like to get clothes dirty.  This picture is to show her  how silly it is…

We had a nice Daddy POP day!

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  1. Braska, any day you give me kisses is like the best Daddy Pop day!


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