Thursday, August 2, 2007

Eye test and new clothes!

On Thursday morning, Miss Sue, a new lady, came to see me. She was checking how my eyes worked and how I look at things when I play or when she shows me things. It was pretty fun. She had a neat toy that Mommy called a Koosh.

It felt really funny on my hands, but I kind of liked it, and it had lots of neat colors.

She had a neat thing to look at that had a mirror and some neat shapes and things. There was also a pretty fun light thing that shined a red light.

Auntie Rachel sent a box for me today, and it had lots of stuff in it. Bunches and bunches of clothes! Look at all my new stuff!

There's alot of stuff that has a little horse on it like what Auntie Rachel always wears. Like on the suits for me to wear in the pool, see the little horses all over the white one?

Some of the stuff is too big for me, so Mommy says I'll grow into it soon. Some of it is for now though, and that's fun for me. This one is for when the weather gets not so hot.

This afternoon, Grammy put me in my swing for a minute and told Mommy to watch me for just a second. Mommy was right there by me, but when she looked over, I was kind of getting comfy. She didn't think I should be sitting like that in the swing.


  1. Neat clothes!! That Auntie Rachel has GOOD TASTE! And knows where to find bargains, too! She comes by it honestly from Grammy Jan!

    Love to you all!
    Papa Beagle

    PS: In that picture where your feet are hitting the floor while you are in the swing, I think you were just getting ready to walk over to see what the rest of us were doing!

  2. What an awesome new swimsuit Braska! Glad you like all your new stuff. Beware! There is more to come. Wait til we see you on Friday... winter clothes coming! You look fabulous in your RL clothing - love you bunches!! -- Auntie Rach


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