Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Working, playing, and eating

This morning, I went to see Miss Luann, and she tried to get me to eat again. Mommy brought some food with us that I thought was pretty yummy. She called it beef with applesauce. And I think it's really yummy. I ate alot of it while we were at Miss Luann's office. She was happy about it. And I'm trying to learn to drink milk from a cup with a thing on it that goes in my mouth. Mommy calls it a sippy or something like that. I don't like it alot, but it's not as bad as that bottle they kept trying to give me.
Lots has been going on at my house. Everyone's working on all kinds of projects and I'm just playing and eating. Today, Grammy Jan has been working on the bathrooms, making them prettier. Mommy helped some, and Pop helped some, but Grammy's doing most of the work.
She worked late tonight on the floor part of the bathroom. Mommy will show you some pictures of it all done later.


  1. WTG Mom, so you are alos aloowed to touch the construction zone!

    WTG VBraska on teh good job with sitting there!

  2. Wow! Did you see that, Braska? My sweetie (Your 'Grammy Jan') AND my little blue fan made that one picture!! I would have gotten my picture taken while I worked outside and in the garage, but all the sweat might have HURT the camera!

    Great being with you, glad we got a lot done!

    Papa beagle


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