Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Therapy x3

This week has been super busy with therapy times. My new schedule is to have therapy three times one week then two times the next, then three times the that.

So on Monday, Miss Judy came. She tried to get me to sit up some and play with things. She brought a toy that I liked from before with bears on it. But it was hard to grab onto the bears since she had me sitting on a big ball. But I did it! I grabbed one!

Then she put me in a little tub thing. I didn't think it was too much fun, but it did make it easier to sit for just a minute.

On Tuesday, Miss Robin came, and she made me work pretty hard. She wanted me to make my arms strong, she said, so made me hold myself up for little bits of time and we rocked.

It was a little fun, but I got tired of it after about the 9th time!

Here's a little action if you want to see me go a little.

Then today, Miss Louise came to help me eat better. I thought I'd show her how good I can do, so I ate green beans, banana pudding (lots of it!), and drank just a little juice and a little milk too. Mommy told Miss Louise I was showing off for her. We're going to keep practicing. Miss Louise told Mommy some things that might help me like to eat better, so I think she's going to try them. Something about eating all together as a family, but I don't think we've done that, so I'm not sure what it means. Pop isn't so much a fan of it, but at least Mommy and I can have dinner and talk, she says. That sounds like fun anyway.


  1. Wow!!! She's REALLY doing well with her arms! Georgia HATES this exercise SO much! She'd rather lie flat thank you very much! :)

    I like that tub idea for sitting! And your therapists always bring the best toys! I am going to have to start hinting to our PT!!

    Great job on the eating too....

  2. Wow Braska, you're getting big.

  3. Braska, check out those vege skills! Green beans were my worst enemy when I was a kid. I had to hide them in mashed potatoes until I was about 18 and decided they were not so bad. So kudos sweetpea!

  4. Wow, you have a smart food teacher! It was so obvious I never thought of it. You can watch mommy eat and then you'll want to be just like her :o) Mommy gets one bite, you get one bite... Maybe you'll even want to drink from her glass. Tell her she'll get used to the backwash.
    I'm so proud of how hard you are working at getting strong, too.
    Love you!
    Grammy Jan

  5. Braska is doing so great!! Tricia is right - your therapists really have great toys :)

    Yay for eating so well!!

  6. She's doing good!

    We just started bringing Preston to the table, too!

  7. Seeing those pics brings backs memories of Kayla going through the therapies - especially being in the bucket as Debi would tip her from side to side to work on balancing/righting herself. She's doing great with holding herself up with her arm strength!

  8. Well Little Miss, I guess it is just work work work for you. One of these days you will be able to run circles around the rest of us and it will all be worthwhile.


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