Saturday, August 11, 2007

Pre-season practice

Pop says it's pre-season for the Bears, and they had their first game tonight. So we got dressed and ready to go. Uncle Ethon got me this outfit when I was a new baby, but it just now fits. Just in time for football!

Anyone know why Pop wouldn't let me wear this if it wasn't for Da Bears??
Oh, by the way...they won! Go Bears!


  1. You are cute as a button and I presume your papa doesn't want you to wear it because when you go out, the crowd will only want to look at you, and they won't watch the Bears and the Bears will lose because everyone will just be cheering you on.

  2. Oh, Oh I know this one!! It is because there is writing on her cute little buns. While it is cute now, it will not be so cute when she is 16 and it attracts the attention of the boys! Mia's daddy is the same way. Protecting their little girls, I love it :)

  3. You got it, Min! He's hesitant, but can't resist the team loyalty!

  4. oh no.. the bears??? we are viking fans here!! she looks adorable though!

  5. The gig is up Braska! Now everyone knows from were the name 'Braska Bear' comes from. You cute as a butt-on. Luv ya.


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