Friday, August 3, 2007

Mommy life: 8 things about me

A while back, (sorry!) Jennifer at Pinwheels tagged me with this meme, and I am just plain honored! Jennifer is a great writer with some great kids. If you haven't looked over her blog, take the chance to do it.

Here's how it works:
1. Let others know who tagged you.
2. Players start with 8 random facts about themselves.
3. Those who are tagged should post these rules and their 8 random facts.
4. Players should tag 8 other people and notify them they have been tagged.

In all fairness, since this is Braska's blog, I'll do 4 things about me and then let her do her own 4.

1. I have lived in the following states, in this order:Illinois (4 weeks), Texas(7 1/2 yrs), Arkansas(5 yrs, 2 houses), Illinois(3 yrs), Kentucky(2 yrs, 2 houses), Missouri(9 years--4 in college, 5 cities, 7 houses/apts), Illinois(almost 7 years, 1 apt, 1 house). **Give or take a few months each place**

2. I met my husband online, back in the fall of 1997, when there were no such places as eHarmony and We simply were in the same chat room at the same time. And it was my first time ever in a chat room. Back in those days, it wasn't even a real-time chat...more like a message board type thing. Anyone remember those?!? He was in Montana and I was in Missouri. He was swept away with me in only 6 short days and traveled across the country "just to touch [my] beautiful face one time." Pretty awesome, huh?! (Hey, back it up... he's mine and I'll fight for him!) We've been together ever since, still hanging in there for better or worse.

3. About 11 years ago, after I'd graduated from college, I taught high school special education for a semester. They needed someone to take over for the teacher who had been diagnosed with cancer and ended up passing away toward the end of the semester. It was really sad, really hard for the kids to lose a teacher they loved very much, but it was quite interesting and very rewarding. I wish now I'd paid more attention to resources I had at the time. One of my students then still keeps up on us through my parents at church in Missouri, and she sends letters and things to Braska often. Hi Abby!!!

4. I have a new blog, called Just RK, where I am basically jotting down things that come to mind, happen to me, or just seem comment-worthy. It's not anything like this one in content at all--fair warning. There's not much Braska stuff, since that's all over here, so for you die-hard Braska fans, it's probably not that interesting for you. But for those of you who enjoy blogging for the personal, introspective venue it can become, feel free to come over and drop me a thought or two. I make no promises at all when it comes to the frequency of posts, but it's good for me to have a place to just ramble, and I figure that there may be a soul or two out there who can learn from the lessons I've tripped over.

As for tagging others... I haven't had much luck with it previously! Everyone's so busy or they've done it already... so I'm going to tag my husband's Phineas Blogg, since he likes fodder for, he's really funny and I like what he comes up with.


  1. Don't want to be picky, and I know you said "give or take a few months" but you (we) lived in Texas 7.5 years. November of 73 until May of 1981. I enjoyed reading your list, and Braska's, too!

    Glad we could get a lot done!

    Papa Beagle

  2. Way to do the math, Dad... I've always said 6 1/2 years, but I'm not sure why I never crunched the numbers. It's corrected now. Good eye!

  3. Carrie (Daddy's FL Friend)August 8, 2007 at 1:50 PM

    Not sure if Muncher told you but we have something in common. I to met my husband online in Feb. of 2000 & married in May of 2000. Never been happier. I lived in Buffalo, NY and he was in Florida. Now we live in Ft. Myers and happy to be part of the Busey Family and yours..... Muncher is a god sent to me and I'm glad to be able to call him one of my "Friends". Thanks to you, munch and Braska I have shared your life story w/ a Friend of mine that is pregnant w/ a Down Sydrome Baby. I hope they decided to read this blog and move forward to have a beautiful baby like Braksa....
    Take care and god bless to you all..
    Carrie :p


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