Sunday, August 5, 2007

Splashin' Sunday

Today Pop covered me up with pillows when Mommy wasn't looking. It was kind of fun and felt all squishy, but I couldn't see very good.

Mommy and me got in the pool today for a little while, and I tried out my new suit. Thanks Auntie Rachel!!

It was a good day for swimming, but Mommy tried to keep me out of the sun most of the time. We have a shady corner where there's a new tree growing bigger, so it makes a nice place for me to play.


  1. Boy, this was a good and HOT day to be in the pool! We stayed in the A/C and painted today. Be careful in that sun, Braska! And when you are tempted to run on the deck, walk carefully instead and watch out for those new boards Papa put in last week!

    Love to all,
    Papa Beagle

  2. I bet that was refreshing on a hot summer day!

  3. You look pretty comfy in those pillows Little Miss.

  4. That pool looks so refreshing!!!

  5. Melissa-- You're only a couple hours away...feel free to make a road trip someday to get a little refreshment! Braska would love to meet her pal!

  6. Papa Beagle--I'll tell Mommy to be careful of the boards. She does most of the walking for both of us.

    Miss Shannon--It was nice, but the water feels like a bath. Mommy says it's a little too warm, but Pop likes it that way.

    Grandma C--I WAS comfy!!

    Miss Melissa--Please bring Delphine and Dominic to swim with me!!!!!

  7. It looks like you actually have a couple rolls in your cute bathing suit - way to go Braskabear! Love Auntie V


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