Thursday, August 30, 2007

Lots of smelly stuff

I went to see Miss Laurie today to see if I'm any bigger. And I am a little bit!

Mommy took me with her to another hair place, and they did some weird stuff to her. It also smelled really funny in there too. I kept getting tickly nose and Achoo's came out of me. While Mommy waited for something, I got to play on the fun chair with her. And there were lots of lights to look at too. Mommy looks kind of silly though.
While Mommy was getting her stuff done, I played with a new doll that I got in the mail today from Mommy's cousin Melani. Aunt Chris sent it to us. I like it a whole lot. Thanks a bunch!!!
Tonight I did some extra smelly stuff and Pop had to make some funny faces while he was cleaning me up. I pulled some tricks on him too. Just when he thought I was all clean and done, I made a little more mess. He was laughing and squishing his nose up at the same time.


  1. That doll looks familiar.

    Where is the final photo of your mom's hair? I want to see how it came out!

  2. Cate--I'll try to get a good pic up this weekend. So far I've yet to "do" it since then. Just been back up in the old scrunchie...hard habit to break!

  3. I'm eager to see what mommy's hair looked like after she got that funny thing off of it!
    I think your tube clipped in a bow is a great hairstyle for you :o)
    Love, Grammy

  4. I don't know you but a very good friend of mine sent this website to me. We were going to name our little girl Nebraska Lynn. SHe said this was the first time she had actually seen somone with that name. In the end we were surprised with a little BOY...Zakariah Conner. Thank you for giving your baby life!!!! You will be so blessed for giving one of God's children life. Little Nebraska is blessed that GOd hand picked YOU as her parents! My prayers are with you!!!

  5. Hey Braska
    I can not believe how much you have grown, I have been offline from bloggingworld for a whilem, but you are doing just SPLENDID!

    Hugs fr Vincent#s Mom


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