Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Holding on

We have had a pretty busy week around here, and I've been taking some naps here and there, so I haven't had too much time to write stories for you. But today I did some stuff I was pretty proud of. Mommy's always trying to get me to grab things, and I just don't want to. I like to push stuff around, but I don't see why they want me to hold on to things.

I was playing on the bed in Mommy's office when I found some bells. They made a neat noise, and I usually like to watch them, but this time I thought it would be fun to make them go some more. So I found out that I could shake them around and they would make lots of fun noise! Mommy was pretty happy about it, and I think I might try it some more.

I also found out that my butterfly makes neat crunchy noises, so I've been shaking it around some too. Can you see my shirt? It finally fits me, Miss Mary! Thanks! I bet some of you family might like it too!
I haven't really wanted to eat much lately with the spoon, and I think Mommy's not happy with me about it. I did eat some mashed up bananas today, the big people kind, and that made Mommy happy. She always wants me to eat lots of bites, but I only want one or two. She says she's going to have to help me get food another way, and I don't know what that means. I hope it's easy like the way I have now. I have a new friend, Miss Louise, who will be coming next week to start helping me with food. Mommy says she's very good, so I'm supposed to behave really good for her.


  1. "Can't remember the name, but that face RINGS A BELL!!!"

    Of course, THAT'S NEBRASKA!

    Way to go! Hangin' on and shaking will come in handy ALL the rest of your life -- like getting ALL the change out of you Mommy's purse or Daddy's pants! You'll find out more later on. Just keep playing, EATING, DRINKING, and growing!

    Papa Beagle

  2. Hey! You should start a band, Braska!!

  3. Yay, Nebraska! That is a fun toy, Abby has one too.

    (And, not to be off-color on your blog, but -- "I was playing on the bed in Mommy's office" -- what exactly does your mom do?)

  4. Ha, Cate... that's a funny one. Nothing so interesting, I assure you. But I've yet to remove the guest bed from the office after the rearranging. It works out well, though, for her to have plenty of soft space to roll around.

  5. Great video Nebraska and I gotta say, I like the way Cate thinks. Funny stuff. Enough chuckles to last all afternoon.

  6. Josiah was watching the video of Baby Braska with me. She got all done and Josiah says, "Again!" We had to watch Braska shake the bells again!! I don't know if Josiah will ever put the two together that Nebraska is actually a real baby, not just a baby on the computer!! Andrea

  7. Yeah, Braska! You almost grabbed it with your other hand, too! You are SO growing up :o) Grammy sure misses you...

  8. Braska,

    My name is Tommy and my mommy is struggling with my non-eating habits too! We have been reading your blog as I am close to getting a gtube also. Mommy is very nervous about it but knows it will make eating eventually easier for me if I don't have my ng tube. Anyway, come visit my journey if you have a spare moment:
    -bye for now, Tommy (and momma Sandi)

  9. Hey Braska girl! I noticed the Oregon Ducks shirt! We just went by Autzen stadium this morning on the way home from vacation. That is where the Ducks play football.

    Isn't it funny they call boys who play football Ducks and Bears?! Love you, Auntie Valerie

  10. Braska looks great! Is there a bell choir member in the future?


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