Tuesday, August 14, 2007

New baby friend!

Monday Miss Judy came to see me but I wasn't really in a very good mood to work on things. Mommy says I didn't do my best, but I was tired!

Last night I felt more like playing, but I was having a little trouble seeing the lights on my toys.

Today Miss Robin came to see me. Mommy helped me show her how I've been sitting in the Bumbo seat that we borrowed from my friend Cede. Miss Robin said I was doing a good job.

At lunchtime, we picked Pop up from work and went to see our new friend, Lucas. I'm not sure if that's how to spell his name, but it sounds like that. He is Connor's new brother that was born yesterday. His mommy is Miss Nico and his daddy is Mr. Matt. He surprised them by coming a little bit early.

While we were at the hospital, we got to see Miss Carla in the place where I was when I was a little baby. She took care of me for a long time before I got to go home with Mommy and Pop. I was kind of tired, so I didn't show her all my tricks, but she was happy to see me anyway. I'm glad I don't have to stay there anymore. This time I got to leave with Mommy and Pop, and that's good.


  1. Yo Baby! Just sending some howdy greetings from the STL. I'm lovin the RL pony outfits -so you just let me know if you need any others! Luv u -- Auntie Rach

  2. Loved that "sittin' up" picture! You look so grown up and strong!

    Papa Beagle

  3. You are sitting up so well in the Bumbo Braska!!

    Delphine doesn't like therapy much when she is tired either!!

  4. Wow! Way to go, Braska! Keep on sittin'!

    Grammy Jan

  5. Well Little Miss. As usual, you look cute as a button.

  6. Auntie Rachel-I like my pony outfits too. I have plenty for now, but my shoes are almost too small. :o)

    Papa Beagle--I'm trying to be strong, but I get tired sometimes.

    Miss Melissa--Delphine's my hero! or at least one of them!

    Grammy Jan--Thanks for coming to say hello!

    Grandma C--Thanks.. you're cute to, ya know!


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