Sunday, August 12, 2007

New Toro friend

This morning I got to wear my new dress that Auntie Rachel brought for me on Friday. Pop said I looked like I was going to play tennis after church. I'm not sure what that means, but Mommy said it meant I was cute, and that's good!

Pop was playing with me before we went to church, and Mommy says its obvious that I belong to him. I wonder what she means.

At church, Pop sat me on the chair in front of him while everyone was singing and clapping. He helped me clap along, and I thought that was fun.

After church, we went to El Toro with Maddy and Grace and their parents. We were sad that Miss Martha wasn't there, but we met Mr. Manny. He was really nice, and he is Miss Martha's cousin. She is working at a newToro in a different town, so we think we'll go see Mr. Manny from now on. Mommy and Pop said we might get to drive over to where Miss Martha works for a special dinner sometime. For now though, Mr. Manny is my buddy! Hi Mr. Manny!

Mommy keeps trying to get me to eat still. She says lots of you are praying for me to eat better, so that must mean it's important. I don't get it, but it seems to frustrate Mommy that I don't eat more. I've tried alot of foods lately, but I only like little bits of them. And I don't like to drink much at all. I just don't see why I have to work on it so much.


  1. I almost bought that same dress the other day at TJ Maxx! But I resisted. Now I'm tempted again, Braska looks so cute in it.

    (I haven't forgotten the 4 things thing...I'm just slow.)

  2. Nebraska, I would be happy to play tennis with you. You are indeed very adorable. El Toro gets a lot of business from someone who doesn't eat at all.

  3. No way! I remember Mr. Manny. He was the one that told Tim to get a shotgun because he was going to need it when Mia turned 16. Looks like he is taken with little Braska too!! Strange, we haven't seen him more than a couple of times. Was he at the Toro 1 and switched over? Anyway, if you go to the new Toro (where is it by the way) you must tell Martha hi for us and that we miss her.

  4. Mindy--They opened a new one in Danville, and she's driving over there to work now, according to Manny. Bummer for us, but we're thinking of making a trip over to see her.

  5. Miss Cate-- It would be fun for me and Abby to have matching dresses!

    Miss Jessica--Tell Joey hello for me!

    Grandma C--Someday we'll play tennis, but Mommy says I have to learn to sit up first, so it might be a while.

  6. Could she be any cuter?!!

    I swear Braska has the most fun - she's such a little social butterfly.

  7. she's adorable in that outfit!

  8. Wow you have posted tons since I was over here last! I thought I was here recently?!? Or maybe you just have a lot to talk about! LOL! I adore how cute she looks in here Bears outfit and her new pink dress with the cheerleader pleats! Totally Sheik!


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