Saturday, August 25, 2007

Lights and angels

I like things that are bright or shiny and sparkly. I like toys that have lights on them, but I really like big lights. We have some big lights in our house in all of the rooms, so I like to look at them. Mommy doesn't like me to look at them for a long time, so she sometimes doesn't turn them on. But the lights in the room where we make the food are my favorite because they're the brightest ones. I sit under them when I play sometimes, but Mommy says she doesn't want me to hurt my eyes, so she turns them off. I just keep looking at them waiting for them to come on again. They are still pretty interesting even when they're not all lit up. Mommy caught me looking when I was supposed to be playing...but she still wouldn't turn them on for me.

Pop had to work today, so I didn't get to play with him as much as I like to. He's not supposed to have to work on Saturdays, but they are doing a big thing of some kind, so he's been working a whole bunch extra. We'll be glad when he gets to be home more.

Today after he got done working, he went to lunch at Toro without me! Mr. Manny wanted to see me, so Pop took me back to see him when Mr. Manny wasn't so busy. And guess what?! He had a present for me. Isn't that nice? It's a cute angel that says a night-night prayer.

I like it alot. Thanks, Mr. Manny!

It was nice to get to see Mr. Manny and Miss Chayo too. She always comes over to say hello to me when I'm there. It's so fun to get to see friends while Mommy and Pop have dinner.


  1. Now that's the royal "Toro" treatment!

  2. Those Toro friends are great! How fun you got a special present :)

  3. Sorry I've not been commenting; we were in S. IL and no INTERNET!!!!! But we are home now....

    Keep looking up! "Two men looked out from prison bars: One saw mud, the other stars!!!!!!!"

    Keep looking up! "I will lift up my eyes to the help comes from the Lord!" Psalm 121.

    Papa Beagle

  4. An angel for my little angel -- perfect!
    I saw one of my friends tonight who asked about you. While we talked her little DS girl that's older than you grabbed her mommy's glass for a drink, instead of wanting her own cup. Her mommy says you should try drinking from your mommy's glass; you might like it!!


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