Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Working and growing

This morning Miss Robin came. We worked alot on sitting up, which I don't really like. I can't see her when I'm sitting that way. But I found a way...

She was just helping me a little bit when Mommy took this one.

Then she made me get on my knees and hold myself up with my hands. I can't look at them when they're so busy! But Mommy was super proud, so it was fun.

Miss Robin brings lots of neat toys, and today she had a little white dog that wiggles really fast and hums when you push it's nose. I like those kind of toys alot.

Later we went to run some errands that Mommy needed to do. Anyone guess where we are here? We were picking something up for Mr. Tim who is in Belgium.

And then we went to see Miss Laurie at Dr. Y's office for the silly scale again. Mommy was happy because I got out of the 12's. I'm finally 13 pounds!


  1. You are always a little worker girl. Well don't worry, when you get older I will try to teach you to embrace the read-a-book gene.

  2. Lucky 13! Congratulations.

    Your EI people bring such cool toys.

  3. You are at the DVM! Thanks for picking up our sticker for us. This way we will still have our car when we come back to the US.

  4. Yay for 13!!!!

    It looks like you have some very fun toys to play with Braska! You are working hard and doing very well :)

  5. haha! That is the DMV! What a good friend, I do not think I would go there for anyone else, such long lines. Go Braska, getting so big! Let me tell you, when you get the sitting thing figured out you will love it. Then you can see all your toys all the time! We are so proud of you and all your hard work! Karen K

  6. Getting big! Oh, and I like the tube in the bow. Pretty clever!

  7. 13 can be a lucky number...you never know! Love you! Auntie V

  8. While you're out Braska, maybe you can pick up some Toro and mail that on over. Thanks for running that errand, I really appreciate it big girl!


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