Saturday, October 22, 2011

31 for 21: Read this. Paint that.

October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month. So we’ll highlight a few little special things about what DS means in our house.

[I have Down syndrome. I like to read books and make pictures.]

(Pssssst… to all of you who have become buddies of mine in the last couple of days, HI!  I’m so glad you like my stories!!! Thank you!)

I’m still trying to get better, so there’s not really any new pictures to show you. Daddy wants me to be extra careful for my eyes, so I didn’t get to go to dance class today or to the playground with my friends.  KiKi went and she had fun.  I can’t wait to go next time.

So I’ll show you some pictures from last week.  KiKi is getting really good at reading. She just picks up books and knows all the words! It’s so cool!  She reads books to me, and I like that a lot.

KiKi also kept asking Mommy for paints lately.  So she got some for KiKi to try to use and see if she liked them.  And she does . LOTS!

I did some painting too.  But I don’t like it as much.  It was fun for a few minutes though.  How’s my hand look, Miss J? Smile

Hopefully I’ll get to do more playing soon… but it’s not so bad to relax for a while!

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