Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Still napping through it

It’s like magic… I can still tell you what’s happening when I am sleeping in the other room.  That’s part of that 47th chromosome, I say.

The ear doctor said I don’t need tubes, so he just cleaned out my ears and left them alone.  The eye doctor said I was really good and let him do all his fixing.  And now the teeth doctor is messing with me.  I’m so glad I get to sleep while they work.

Here’s a couple more pictures from earlier…  I was happy when I got here!mail

Me and Daddy did my sight words flashcards for a while since we were waiting. I showed some of the doctors and nurses that I can read the words.

I’ll be done soon.  I never feel good when I wake up, though.  Boo.

Edited to add:  I’m done!  All went well… Mommy and Daddy should come see me soon I hope.

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