Friday, October 7, 2011

31 for 21: Stuff I said yesterday

October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month. So we’ll highlight a few little special things about what DS means in our house.

[I have  Down syndrome. I love to talk and be silly. ]

Mommy’s been talking to my teachers about what I say when I’m at home and at school.  I sometimes talk a lot more at home.  So here’s just some little things Mommy noted in one day…

We were in the bathroom for bath time. There’s a door right by the tub. I knocked on the door three times and said, “Penny.” Knock, knock, knock. “Penny.” 
(Anyone know what I was doing?  It’s from a show. Mommy and Daddy cracked up laughing.)

Me: (I’ve been a little snotty lately.) Ooh yuck! I’m Snotty McGotty.  Hey Mommy, I need a Kleenex! 

I spilled some milk on the table…
Me: Uh oh, I made a mess. I’ll clean it up.  Please gimme a washcloth.

Mommy: It’s time for bed. Lay down on your pillow.
Me: I wanna sit up.
Mommy: No, baby. It’s time to lay down.
Me: No lay down. I wanna sit up. I’m not tired.

Mommy’s phone made a noise…
Me: Mommy did you hear that? It’s your phone.

There was a loud noise outside…
Me: Hey, what happened? Did you hear that? Let’s go see outside.

KiKi was crying because she didn’t want to go to bed at nap.
Me: She is sad, Mommy. I give her hug. Make her better.

Me and Mommy were sitting on the couch to have some milk.  I put my head back on the couch and said, “Mommy let’s sleep.”  Mommy put her head back, too.  Then I said, “Now close your eyes.”  Mommy did.  “Count to 10 with me.” So I counted and Mommy said them with me.  Then we pretended we were sleeping for a minute.  Then I sat up and said, “WAKE UP!” It’s fun to play sleep!

KiKi was being grouchy after she got up in the morning.  I told Mommy, “Keeks is grouchy. Need a nap.”

When I wanted to watch a show after school, I started picking up things in the living room.  “Let’s clean it up. Put this away. I put it over here.”

When we were watching our favorite movie, Tangled, I was yelling at the TV when they were looking for Rapunzel… “Rapunzel! Where ARE you??”

When Mommy doesn’t listen to me fast enough, I go and grab her chin and turn it around. “Look at me, Mommy!  Look at me!”  She said, “What do you want?”  I told her, “I wanna watch a show. I wanna watch a show PLEASE!”  She asked me, “What do you want to watch?” So I told her, “I want to watch Blue’s Clues please.”

When Mommy is working on her computer, I like to sit by her. “Mommy, can I sit with you?” Sometimes I try to close the lid.  “No more computer. Let’s read a book.” 

I was sitting by Mommy on the couch, and I was licking my foot. She looked at me with a grouchy face.  I said, “No licking the foot!”  Mommy said, “That’s right.”  So I said, “Ok, I just kiss it.”  *smooch*

And best of all, as Mommy is typing this…
Me: What are you doing Mommy? 
Mommy: I’m writing on the blog. 
Me: Oh yeah. Blog.  
Mommy: Do you want to say anything else to people today?
Me: Hmm. Yeah… I am wonderfully made! 
(That was my Bible verse at church last week.  I’ve been saying it a lot.  Mommy and Daddy are very proud!)


  1. Ding ding ding! Way to go Holly! :o) I should have known we'd like the same shows. ha! I wish I had video of her doing it. It was hysterical! Not all loud and obvious, just quiet over to the side... knock knock knock "Penny." knock knock knock "Penny." Too funny!

  2. Thanks for sharing, Braska! Of course, you don't talk quite as much when Grammy and Papa are around so it is special that you have your mom share these wonderful quotes on the blog! Love them all and love you!


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