Thursday, October 20, 2011

31 for 21: The cute old days

I’m resting, but I’m feeling pretty good.  So thanks to everyone who has been thinking about me!

Mommy is working on putting my blog stories and pictues in a way on the computer that I can keep forever and look at when I’m a big girl and I can read it all myself.  So she’s looking back at a lot of pictures when I was a little bit smaller.  She found some cute things, so I thought I’d let her share my story today…

~~In the last 2 years, Braska has grown 3 inches and 4 lbs. And almost 2 of those lbs came in the last 6 months.  Amazing. This was her then.


~~Two years ago this month, we were sporting our Cardinals wear. But things looked a little different.  Braska at almost 3 and Kinlee at 8 months.  The shirt that Braska has on in that pic is the same one KiKi has on in this pic.


~~A couple of summers ago, we got to meet our friend LC  for the first time when she came to our house.  Both girls have grown up a little bit since then… but not all that much.

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  1. I've never been to St. Louis, but for this week I'm a Cards fan! I heart Pujols, like the rest of the Ds community.

    Visiting via the blog hop!


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