Saturday, October 15, 2011

31 for 21: Thursday School

October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month. So we’ll highlight a few little special things about what DS means in our house.

[I have Down syndrome. I go to school at TWO schools and I like them both.]

KiKi has a new school.  It’s at a church that’s kind of by our house, and she goes there sometimes on Tuesdays for a little bit when she wants to go to school like me.

But on some Thursdays when Mommy has to go do cleaning work, then we both go there, and we call it Thursday School that day.  I don’t have school at my school on Thursdays, so I get to go with KiKi.

These are some pictures from our first day of going there together a few weeks ago. 

First I have to tell KiKi that when we walk by the cars area, we have a buddy and hold hands. 

Then I go ahead because I’m older, and I have to show here how to do it.

Then she walks with me and we go to find our classes.

We really like Thursday school, and KiKi even likes to go on Tuesdays sometimes too.  The teachers are all really nice there and we get to play outside and do crafts and have snacks.  KiKi always gets upset when Mommy comes to get us, and she tries to hide so she doesn’t have to go home.  She is silly like that.

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  1. that is so cool they get to go to school together!


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