Friday, September 28, 2007

Different walking

Yesterday Mommy and me went to the park to walk with Miss Sara and Ali. It was really nice outside, so it felt good. I like going on walks. I slept most of the time because it was so comfy.

Tomorrow we're going to see Miss Skye do some different walking. Mommy told me all about it. Miss Skye is going to take a little short walk and at the end she's gonna be Auntie Skye. Isn't that weird? I've never been on a walk that changed my name. Mommy says it's because she's getting married to my Uncle Jody. I get a new Auntie tomorrow!

We were supposed to get to be there tonight for a special dinner, but we couldn't go since I have to see the doctor tomorrow morning that is gonna take a look at my belly. Mommy wasn't happy about that at all since the doctor's office messed things up. So we're going to Grandma C's tonight, then to my appointment in the morning, then we'll drive more hours and try hard to get to the wedding before it starts. It's gonna be a close one! Hope we can make it on time.

We'll get to see a bunch of family tomorrow, so that will be fun, but we've got alot of sitting in the car to do before then. Maybe I'll just take a nice long nap.

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  1. Great write up! We will be excited to see you. Hope you get a good report from the doctor. And have a safe trip!

    Papa Beagle


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