Thursday, September 6, 2007

Mommy report: On the schedule...soon!

Dr. R's office just called back, and we're on the schedule for this coming Monday, September 10 for PEG. Yeah, this coming Monday. Like 4 days from now. I'm ok with it.

Little Miss Nebraska Larae has pulled her tube out twice so far today, and I'm taking that to be a little reassurance from God that this is the right choice and the right time.

Yes, that's the band-aid in place on her face and the end that should be in her belly is on her shirt. She's figured out how to get her little finger in the 1/4 inch space between the tape and her nose... how's that for cognitive and motor skills? This afternoon, she just ripped the whole band-aid off her face and the tube all the way out. Then she yelled at me like I hurt her. *sigh* Kids...

My husband is trying to work out being able to come with us, which I REALLY need to be able to happen, so please pray he can get the days off. I don't want to have to relay all this new info to him. I'd rather him be able to hear it straight from the docs and nurses when they give us all the new care info.

There ya have it. Baby steps to the hospital. Baby steps to the waiting room. And wait...


  1. Hey there RK and Muncher -- Tim and I keep up with the blog even though we're lousy friends and owe you a dinner invite. Maybe the return of 24 will spur us . . .

    Anyway, RK, we'll pray especially hard that you all will be able to be together on Monday. Families need to be together. We made a flying trip to SLCH last week ourselves and hope that you have the same positive outcome we did. Thinking of you all (and I'm thrilled and tickled you love What About Bob too!, Em

  2. We're working out being there part of Monday. Hope it works out so you all can be there early on Monday.

    Papa Beagle

  3. oh no. iam sorry. i have no experience with that. wish she didnt have to have it!! heres hoping you have a good appointment and all goes welL!

  4. She looks very tricky in that picture. I could just kiss her! Lots of prayers for a successful surgery! She will be up to fighting weight soon!

    Love, Sara & Ali P

  5. We are praying for all of you and know that everything will go great! She is a very sneaky little one. I could see it in her little smile the other day. I hope those Docs give you fare warning because I think you will have a little trouble maker on your hands once she is taking down the calories! Plus I am pretty sure Gracie has been teaching her all of her best moves when we are not looking and believe me that is scary. God be with you! I know she'll do great! Karen K

  6. praying he'll be able to get off work and go with you! I wouldn't want to deal with all of that on my own either!

  7. You will all be in our prayers as you are at the hospital on Monday. Will be waiting on the updates of Braska's progress.
    Hospital's are no fun....My neice, that has Spina Bifida, just come home yesterday from a 4 wk stay in Children's Hospital in Buff, NY. Long story but it shows that with all the love & prayers going out how good God is to his kids and brought her through it all & she finally was able to go home. Muncher, I hope you are able to get out of work for this surgery too :-)
    Lots of love from Florida....
    Thx for the updates~
    Carrie :-)

  8. You are all in my prayers. I hope dh is able to be there with you and that all goes smoothly. I think her new trickiness is definitely a sign that you made the right choice.

  9. Awwww, I hope your hubby is able to get off work to go with you guys! Lots of hugs and prayers coming your way!

  10. Hey little Cutie,
    Surgery really isn't as much fun as you think, even though you are quite adept at it. But eating is important...You are quite the charachter Little Miss.

  11. RK- Glad to see it's scheduled. You will be constantly in our prayers that day. Tommy will be getting his PEG this month so we have MUCH to learn from you and Braska.

  12. Oh RK...We will be thinking about you. And we're hoping your husband can get the day off...let me know if there is anything I can do.....for real!


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