Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I'm home!

Today the doctors said I could go home, and Mommy and Pop were very happy about that. First we went to Grandma C's house to get the rest of our stuff and to pick up Belle. (She spent the day yesterday at work with Grandma C and Grandpa John...she followed Grandma C all around the church. Isn't that funny? Thanks for keeping her for me, Grandma C!) We went by the church on our way home to say bye to them. Then we came home.
I napped most of the way home, and Mommy was proud of me for not crying or anything. When we got home, Pop unloaded the car and then left to play his game with the other guys. Mommy doesn't feel very good, so she wanted to rest. I played on the floor for a while, even though Mommy kept watching me from her chair to make sure I wasn't hurting myself. One time she caught me trying my old tricks.
I surprised her good! But then my belly started to hurt real quick, and I think it's because of that thing that showed up on it yesterday. I told Mommy that it didn't feel good, and she helped me get back over again. She told me not to do that anymore tonight, but I tried it again. I thought maybe this time it wouldn't hurt, but I was wrong. So now Mommy has me in my bouncy chair so I can't roll over. We're going to go to bed soon because we're really tired. I wonder how I'll get my sleep tonight since I like to sleep on my belly... Mommy's probably got it figured out.


  1. Yeay! It's always good to be home:) Nice job on being so good for the whole car ride. I'm sure your mommy and pops appreciated it;)

  2. There is no place like home! I am glad you guys had a good trip. Kind of confusing isn't it braska. First everyone wants you roll over and now they tell you not too :) Give it a few days and it will not hurt anymore and you can roll around like a fool again.

  3. Glad you guys are home! Braska is so brave!

  4. I'm so glad you guys are home! I hope Braska keeps feeling better and better!! HUGS!

  5. Welcome back home sweet little Braska! I hope you can roll over soon without it hurting!

  6. I am so glad to here you did well!I was praying for you Braska!

    Love you.
    Cousin Lindsay

  7. Braska, you are like most of the folks in this clan, you catch on pretty fast! At least in regard to rolling over on your tummy when it's got a "new button" on it!

    Heal quickly and try to be like the rest of us who love to swallow copious amounts of food and liquid!

    Papa Beagle

  8. RK, I'm sorry I haven't made it over until now, have been crazy busy...
    It's so good to read of Braska's quick recovery, and the G-tube will make your life so much easier in the long run, once you get used to it! But it's a lot for you and your little girl to go through in the space of less than 7 months!! You are doing SO well, a testimony of God's grace in your life. I hope you are feeling better in yourself too, will be praying for energy for you as you care for Braska.
    Take care
    Rachel xx

  9. whoo hoo! Glad to hear she's home!

  10. What a big brave girl you are Braska!! I'm so glad you are back home and already wanting to roll around!!! I hope your belly stops hurting soon!

  11. So glad you're home, Braska! Hope Wednesday was good and your mum got some rest! Take it easy on that tummy!!!


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