Monday, September 10, 2007

Mommy report:Waiting...

Some pics of our morning so far... Getting the vitals done.

The belly before shot...

"Are you done messing with me yet?"

Here we are in the waiting room. Thank goodness that SLCH has patient-accessible wireless!! She had a rough patch last night, unrelated to this g-tube stuff, but she had some belly pain or something that woke her and me for about 40 minutes last night. I was worried that she would be somehow compromised today, but they didn't seem bothered by it. Most of you know that she never cries--like she's had maybe 4 episodes her whole life when she's cried for more than 2 minutes. And she screamed for at least 20 minutes, then sobbed on and off and complained for another 20 or so. Very unlike her. BUT...this morning she's been peachy, except for residual snot in her nose from all the crying last night. She was in a good mood from when we got her up at about 5:45 am till we handed her over at about 8:15 am or so.

Anesthesiology came to explain everything and verify health history. Then the pediatric gastroenterologist came to explain the procedure and also verify health history. All questions were answered, and off we go.

They estimate about an hour to 90 minutes total for the anesthesia, so it won't be a long wait like the last surgery. (9 hours for the open-heart surgery on 2/28/07.) Muncher and I are here in the waiting room, both of us with our laptops out and going strong. What tech-addicts we are! My parents will be up sometime today, as well as a few siblings here and there, and my in-laws will be around later too. So we've got a great bunch. But it's kind of nice right now to just have the peace and quiet.

Oh, and I'm still congested, but not as bad, so thanks for the prayers for my cold or whatever this is...

I'll update again once we get in the room.

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