Friday, September 7, 2007

Visiting Mr. Manny

Today Pop took Mommy and me to Toro for lunch. It was so fun! We don't get to go out just the three of us very much...or ever, really. So it was a good day! Mr. Manny got to come over and say hi for a while, but I wasn't feeling very good, so I wasn't as happy as usual to see him. I even lost a little of my lunch on him. Sorry Mr. Manny!!

We're getting things ready to go to St. Louis soon. Mommy says we have to go to the hospital for just a little bit, and I won't have to have the tube in my nose anymore! I wonder how I'll get my food... Anyway, the good news is that Pop gets to go with us! Yippee! Mommy is especially happy about that.

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  1. This is why we love the Toro. People like Mr. Manny who get upchucked on and will still be excited to see you the next time. If only I could put Toro in a bottle and rub it to make it pop out like a genie.

  2. We'll see you on Monday, sweety peach!
    Love, Grammy & the whole gang

  3. What I wonder is will you be down in time to watch the Bears square off with the San Diego Chargers?

  4. Hey cutie, I am so glad your daddy gets to go with you. We are praying all goes well for you, and the recovery is quick. I have a few friends helping me pray for you too. I will be looking forward to good updates. Did mommy warn you, this is a tube you can't pull on? I love you little one! Auntie V

  5. I'm sure Mr. Manny understands. Glad Pop gets to come to St. Louis! See you sometime Monday!

    Love ya,
    Papa Beagle


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