Thursday, September 13, 2007

Ups and downs

Since I haven't felt much like putting up stories lately, I wanted to tell you that I'm feeling a little better, but still not much like playing like I did before. Mommy's feeling worse than me, I think, so I'm trying to be good so she can rest. Pop's been working all the way to bedtime, so I haven't been able to see him too much. I'll be happy when we're all feeling good and Pop can be home to play with me some more.

My belly has been upset some when Mommy has put food in it, so that's not been much fun, but this morning I've not made any icky messes, and she's happy about that. I had some fruit and chicken with apples yesterday that was pretty yummy. Miss Louise came to see me, but I wasn't feeling good, so she just talked to Mommy about some things we'll work on soon.

I'm getting ready to go see Dr. Y in a little while so he can check out my new belly thing, so I'll tell you about that later.


  1. You're doing good little one! Hope you feel better soon! Karen K

  2. Feel better Braska and mommy! You both are doing such a good job!


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