Wednesday, January 11, 2012

11/366 Late to PJ day

I got up early today, but then I went back to sleep in Mommy’s bed.  I didn’t sleep very well last night, so she let me sleep for a while.  But then it was time for school and I just woke up!  I was kinda snotty in my nose, so I got to take a nice warm shower. We call it de-snotting.  I just like it because I LOVE to take showers!
Oh, and it really does feel better to get all that icky stuff out of my nose. 

I finally got to school, and it was PJ day, but Mommy forgot to take a picture of me in my p-jammies because we were in a big hurry to get to school and then after school too.  Don’t worry, I’ll wear p-jammies in a picture again soon!

We finally got to eat lunch and take naps, then when Daddy got home, we all went to the Y.  Mommy took me and KiKi to the pool to play and swim and swim and swim, while Daddy went to work out.

When we got home, Dad showed how strong he was. Except he sure made a funny face while he was picking us up in the basket…

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