Monday, January 23, 2012

23/366 Little girl, big eyes

Wow. What a busy day we had!!

First I went to school.  Mommy and KiKi went to the Y for exercise and Y-School but then they came back for my special snack time with Miss J and Miss S.  And Miss C was there today too. She checks on how big I am and if I’m eating healthy things to make me grow.  Today I wasn’t bigger. I was smaller again. 

BUT—I was taller.  So I have to start eating things that will help me get bigger to go with my taller-ness.  (Mommy note: Stats today—26 lbs, 37.75 inches.)

After school, we went home for a quick lunch and went to the eye doctor.  It was time for my check-up to see how my eyes were doing.

This time I decided I wanted to sit in the big chair myself.  Mommy was really surprised, but I’m 5 now… I can do lots of things myself!  The first doctor looked at my eyes with some lights and showed me a little movie.

Then the first doctor put drops in my eyes and then sent me back out to wait a little more.  KiKi was reading a book to Daddy.  He came over because the doctor’s office is close to his work.  He and KiKi waited out in the big room while Mommy and I went to see the doctors.

My eyes felt kind of funny, and Mommy said they got all big too.

While we were waiting, we decided to take a pretend trip with the car driving place.  KiKi put the chairs all there so we could sit down.

Then I got to drive us to the dentist.  KiKi said we couldn’t pretend to go to the eye doctor because we were already at the REAL eye doctor.

Then it was my turn to go back again.  I like the doctor’s spinning seat. 

We got to talk to Dr. L, and he looked at my eyes.  He’s done my eye-fixings. He calls them surgery.  He said I did good with my last one, but I still need some more fixing.  Mommy said that might happen, so we were ready.  My next surgery will be in a few weeks.

(Mommy note: Braska has improved from the former tip/tilt situation that was so obvious before the last eye surgery.  Her chin is not as high as it was when she was looking down over her nose at things, but she is still looking out of the right corners of her eyes at things.  She turns her head to the left of something she’s looking at, instead of looking straight on.  So we’re going to do another procedure to once again try to tweak the eye muscles to give her “null point” for her nystagmus a more centered position.  Thankfully, the previous two eye surgeries went very well and the recovery is very doable.  Wednesday, February 15, will be her next eye surgery.  We expect this to go as well, and hopefully it will be her last one.)

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