Thursday, January 12, 2012

12/366 Bright snowy day

Today there was snow outside when we got up.  And it was cold. REALLY cold.  We could tell something was different because when we got up it wasn’t as dark as it usually is.  The snow makes it day sooner, I guess.

It took a LONG time to get all dressed to go out and play, but we finally got to go outside.  We took great big spoons with us and just scraped all the snow off everything.  We thought it was a fun game.

After we came in, because it was SO windy and cold, we played at the table for a while with our color books that we got at Christmas.  They are fun, and you can color them over and over again. And Mommy likes that they don’t make ANY mess except a little bit of water drips sometimes.

I don’t like to color very much, but today I did it for a little longer, and Mommy was surprised.  It’s hard work for me, though.  This special kind makes it really easy, so I practiced for a little while before I decided to go do something else.

Tonight we went to Y-school while Mommy was working and Daddy did his workout.  It was a pretty nice quiet day today. 

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