Sunday, January 15, 2012


Quick one tonight… but we’ve got video to come soon!

KiKi fell asleep in the car on the way home from church.  Guess that candy cane wore her out… (See it in her hand?  She made it all pointy!)

Here’s what KiKi wore to church. She doesn’t usually like to let Mommy take these pictures anymore, but today she didn’t fight.  She’s getting so grown up, isn’t she?

We played with our easel tonight, drawing and making words. Mostly it was KiKi because I was busy listening to my iPod and watching football.   She did some great writing, and we’ve got some video to show you soon.  She even surprised Mommy and Daddy with some stuff she could do!! I decided later that I would do a little, too, but I was done pretty quick.  Writing is hard work!

Have a good week! 

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  1. Loved Kiki's outfit. Great pics. I am loving this daily blog. Tell your mommy she is doing a great job.


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