Thursday, January 26, 2012

26/366 Playroom and Library

We stayed home again today because KiKi and me were still pretty darn snotty.  It’s hard to sleep when all that stuff is in our noses, so we were a little grouchy.

This is our playroom. It looks nice and neat on the floor, but it’s because Mommy put our toys away where we can’t use them for a while.  We left a big mess after Mommy told us to clean up.   Sometimes we don’t listen very well…  especially when we’re grouchy, like today.

This is our library. A library is where there are lots of books.  We have little chairs so that we can sit and read.  Since we didn’t take care of our toys, Mommy reminded us to take good care of our books.  We definitely DON’T want to lose our books!!

Sometimes we have to learn things that aren’t much fun, like putting our toys away.  But we learned about it and we did better.  And THAT made Mommy happy!

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