Saturday, January 14, 2012

14/366 No work!

Today Mommy didn’t have to work!  And since Daddy doesn’t have to work on Saturdays, we really had fun with our work-free day!  We didn’t have dance class either, so we found some other fun things to do.

We had breakfast with Miss Linda and Mr. Gary at a new place. 

Everybody thought it was funny that we went there, but it was yummy food and Mommy liked that it reminded her of when she was a little girl. This was Miss Linda’s first time, and Daddy and Mr. Gary had been there once before. Mommy has been there lots, but it was a really long time ago. I ate something called grits and they were GREAT!  I ate almost 2 bowls of them.  Yum!

We even danced around to some music.  Breakfast with dancing is the best, you know.

After breakfast, we went to Aldi to get some food stuff, then we went home and Mommy made a bunch of veggie soup for me to have this week.  When it was all cooking, she took us to the Y to play basketball and run around for a while.


I didn’t sleep very good last night again, so I took a nap after lunch.  KiKi and Mommy went back to the Y to swim, since KiKi wanted to and Mommy doesn’t usually get to say “yes” when she asks to go. 

We just got to be at home tonight, all together.  It was nice.  We haven’t all been home at the same time in a really big lot of days.  And we get to do it again tomorrow! Yay!

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