Friday, January 20, 2012

KiKi’s Turn: Working on words

Kinlee’s been into words all her life. Especially since her big sister has been a big fan and forces word flashcards, books, and letter games on her every chance she gets.

But KiKi has taken off long ago, passing up her big sis, which is ok and just part of the natural dynamic of our family.  She’s a great reader, which we are very excited about, and lately, Kinlee has been pushing the development envelope a little into spelling and just has started a real interest in writing, too.

So a few days ago when she decided to play a new game with her magnetic letters, it blew us away and made us proud all at once.

(In case you’ve not got time for the whole thing, there’s spelling at the beginning, then the last minute or so is writing, the first real attempts.)

I do so wish the sound was better and I wasn’t so darn loud… you can just barely hear her working out each word, making each sound and thinking outloud about what letter it should be for that sound.

Then today, on her own, she was very excited to show me this…..

Unassisted. No hand over hand. Just her. 

Impressive, I think.  Fun.


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