Monday, January 9, 2012

9/366 The Listener

When I’m sitting on the potty, sometimes I don’t go right away.  So Mommy says we have to listen to hear the tinkle.  And we listen…

Today, Mommy said she was going to go to the other room for a minute, and KiKi said, “It’s ok, Mom. I’ll be the listener, and I’ll tell you if there’s a tinkle.”

(Mommy note: I don’t like to post potty pictures… hence a lot of cute times not being shared.  But this one kind of cracked me up, and everyone is appropriately covered, so I thought it was worth it.)


  1. Dear Braska,

    I don't mean to change the subject of your post, but could you please tell your mommy that we have the same shower curtain in our bathroom and that makes me love you guys just that much more!

    Muttering Mama xo

  2. I don't post tinkling pictures either. I think you are wise beyond your years Braska. It is good of Kiki to step in when listening skills are needed.


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