Wednesday, January 4, 2012

4/366 watercolors and water fun

Today we did a lot.  I went back to school today since all the days of no school are done.  I had lots of fun with my friends!  I like school SO much!

Then we did some shopping after school.  When we got home, KiKi wanted to paint, and I said I did, too.    Mommy got our paints out that we got for Christmas in our stockings. 

Mommy made it so we wouldn’t make too much mess. She doesn’t like when we make messes, but we’re teaching her that sometimes messes can be fun. 

Look, I even got it on my chin! (I’m not sure how I did that.)

KiKi’s favorite color is black. She paints a lot with black. 

Mommy was trying to get me to practice things like holding the paintbrush right and coloring good on the picture.  I told her “I just want to paint! It’s Braska’s turn!” 

Tonight after Daddy got home and we had dinner, we went to the Y to swim!!!  Me and KiKi were SO SO excited!  I was taking special swim class with Miss S, but then I started to not like it at all.  At All.  And I got very loud about it.  So Mommy and Daddy decided I could take a break.  So they said we were going to go just to play, not to work and get sad.  And that’s what we did. 

And ya know what?!?  Miss Julie let me borrow a super great thing that I put on my arms and around my belly.  And I just LOVED it!  I swam all by myself for the first time ever!!! 
braskaswim1    braskaswim2

Mommy and Daddy were really excited, and Mommy asked one of her friends that works there to take pictures. 

I just kept saying, “Mommy, can I swim to Daddy?”  “I wanna let go and swim, please.”  It was lots of fun to get to do it myself.  I jumped in on the side and climbed out and it was so fun!!  We’re gonna go back and have some more fun times in the pool.  I get to do just fun practice for a while before we do class again.  It’s a good idea, I think.

After we did our swimming, we went to Y-School.  That’s what we call the play place where we go when Mommy and Daddy go do exercise.  Me and KiKi like playing in there a lot. 

It was a busy day and we are really tired. So it’s time for bed!

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