Tuesday, January 3, 2012

3/366 yes, 366

(Mommy sometimes forgets about stuff. And she forgot that this year we have an extra day. So we changed the numbers. )

Some days we might only have one picture to show you, but today we have a few funny ones.  Is that ok with you?

Today we got dressed to go do some errands.  I didn’t have to go to school, so we just went to some different places.  We really like to do errands.

Before we left, Mommy wanted to do some kitchen door pictures.  That’s where we go to wait when Mommy says, “Kitchen door!”  That means we’re about to leave to go somewhere.  But we were being silly, so she just took a bunch of pictures to show us how silly we were.

This one was when we were telling a secret…
KiKi: (whispering) Hey guess what
Me: (whispering) What
KiKi: (yelling) It’s time to go!
Me: YAY!!!

We went a few places, but then we went to our favorite place.  ALDI!!!  We know where everything is and we are really good shopping helpers.

And after Aldi, we went to Auntie Rachel’s office to see her and we got some lunch in her big work building.  I had some really yummy soup.


  1. Braska, you and KiKi are super cute. I hope to meet you one of these days.

  2. Beautiful fun pictures. I like all these pictures. Grandmas like this sort of thing.

  3. Hi Braska! Hi KiKi! Hope you two had a wonderful Christmas. I love seeing your beautiful pictures; looks like you've grown some.

  4. Pictures of you and little sis are always a pleasure to see :-)


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