Thursday, December 27, 2007

Back again

Yup, we're back in St. Louis again. We got home on Tuesday night, then Mommy and I came back on Wednesday morning after she talked to my doctor and he wanted to look at my button. That's alot of time in the car!

They put me on the silly scale and guess how much I was?? 15 lbs and 15.4 oz. That's almost 16 lbs. Must be that new food we switched to! We got some stuff to put on my button if it doesn't look better soon. Then we came out to Auntie Rachel's house to spend a few days since she's in Boston visiting Mr. Patrick's family.

Tonight we got invited to dinner at Uncle Jody and Auntie Skye's house. So I thought I should clean up nice. I was happy to see that Auntie Rachel has a nice baby hot tub like we do a home, right in the kitchen! Her water comes out in fun ways, too.

After my bath, I stayed warm with my new robe that Grandpa J got me for Christmas. It's nice and soft and cozy.

I showed Uncle Jody and Auntie Skye how I can sit up like a big girl.

Mommy went to the store, but I stayed with my uncle and auntie. We talked about some stuff and cuddled.

Thanks for having us for dinner!!


  1. That baby hot tub look like fun! I love how you are surrounded by so many wonderful people Braska!

  2. Loved the hot tub video! And this Papa is so pleased to see his kids helping one another out with food and lodging! Thanks, too, for keeping us posted!

  3. Love the baby hot tub! Great video!

  4. look at the glasses! They make her look like such a big girl.

  5. Oh Braska! That baby hot tub is the way to go! I never thought about leaving the spray nozzle on, Tommy will enjoy that idea... thanks for sharing such tender pictures.

  6. Braska- glad you got to spend time with Uncle Jody and Auntie Skye. I know they both think you are the cutest thing. RK-glad you FINALLY got a home cooked meal that you much needed and deserved!


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