Friday, December 14, 2007

Mess, make, and play

This week Mommy gave me some food in a new way. Miss Louise said she should let me play in my food and see if I will put it in my mouth. I wasn't so sure about this.
First Mommy put some food on my tray. Then I looked at her to see if she was serious.

She told me I was cute all messy like that! So I took a bow. (Notice the crunchie stuck to my arm.)

When I was done, Mommy thought I did a good job of making a mess, but not so much got in my mouth. She said we'll keep trying.

Belle helped me clean up a little.

Another day this week Mommy made some cookies, and I helped.

I had some fun in my BabyLegs too!!
I've been spending alot of time in my piano, and it's already helping me sit better. Mommy says it's because I'm getting stronger. It's helping me so fast! So we'll keep doing it every day!

You can watch me play some more here.


  1. You look too cute in the highchair helping to make cookies!

    You are doing so well Braska - keep up the great work!!

  2. I love the middle picture of you wearing your baby legs! You have a nice smile Braska!

  3. wow braska! In the past few weeks you have really grown up. Even since your one year pictures. I believe you have crossed that line from being mommy's little baby to mommy's toddler :) I love the bow in your hair too!

  4. Love the pics - these are so cute! How fun to watch your everyday leaps & bounds! You are doing so great, Braska!

  5. Loved the video! Looks like she loves music. So adorable!

  6. Oh Braska!

    You are are such a cutie. Playing a piano, helping mom with baking and getting lost in your baby leggins. Too much fun!

  7. I love all the photos! Your too cute for words!! My little guy has this piano and it is awsome. Almost four years later and he still loves it!! It helped him to sit and then stand and then walk (yes he pushed it down the hall like a walker LOL)and now he still loves to play music with it :)
    Happy Holidays


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