Friday, December 21, 2007

Mirrors are fun!

Wednesday morning I started playing my piano again early, but then I found a new way to play it. Mommy was glad to see how I was laying back and then sitting up again.

Miss Louise came in the morning to play with me. She even brought me a present! Isn't that nice? It's some music for bedtime, and I like music alot!

She played with me while I watched this little baby. Mommy told me later that this is ME!

It's called a mirror and I think they are pretty neat. Miss Louise would say some things I thought sounded funny, then I would say things back to her.

She and Mommy were pretty happy about it. It's a fun new game we're gonna play.

That night I helped Mommy in the kitchen while she was cooking. She put me by this new toy and my mirror.

I thought it was pretty fun and I just kept on pulling it.

Then I got to the end and Mommy took it away to fix it. So I played with the little part that was left.

We went out for a quick run to the bank too, and I wore my sweater with the hood. It's nice and warm for my ears.


  1. Enjoy those mirrors while you are so cute, Braska! I'm finding they are not nearly so kind to me as they were many years ago!

    Are you going to post a clip of Mommy rolling the paper towels back around the core?

    Great to see the clips and the pics! And thanks for bundling up so you don't get a cold!

  2. The pic of her in her carseat is SO cute! Wow, she is getting prettier every day. And we love her more every day, too! Amazing phenomenon, how your love can grow so much! Have safe travels!

  3. You are so cute, Nebraska. Josiah and I watched your videos 2 times each! Josiah thinks you are a pretty cool friend!!
    Merry Christmas!! Love, Andrea and Josiah

  4. Merry Christmas Braska!

    Hey - tell your mom to put the mirror up when you are eating. Delphine tends to eat more when she can see what she is doing :)

  5. Look out toilet paper rolls! When Brasik discovers you, there will be hours of fun to be had . . . .for both Brasik and RK :)


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