Wednesday, December 5, 2007

A buddy and a mess

On Tuesday, my friend Cede came over for a little while since her mom had a meeting.

We had a good time, and I thought she was pretty cool.

She's 7 months older than me. Mommy told her mommy that I was coming when she went to see Cede the day after she was born. That makes us special friends.

Mommy was so silly that she thought she could work while me and Cede played!
That night, Mommy went out with Mr. Brent and Miss Jo Ann again to try a new place to have dinner, so I stayed home with Pop. We just cuddled on the couch with Belle.

On Wednesday, Mommy tried to give me some food in the morning, and she doesn't usually do that. She says I'm supposed to learn to eat more times than what I usually do. I wasn't really in the mood to eat, but I still had fun.

I told Mommy all about what funny things my bears had told me about when I was sleeping last night. She laughed at me, but she said I just got too messy!

Also, Wednesday was Uncle Ethon's birthday too!!!!


  1. I love that second picture. The look on your face, Braska is in adoration of your friend!

  2. What a video clip! It seems food stimulates the interest in talking and making noises! I'm so glad you had a good time with your friend and with your food!

  3. Love the video! So cute! Those bears must be busy Braska, you make sure that they don't get you into trouble when you are digger. That is what Maddy's pup does and it is silly!

  4. oops...I mean bigger.

  5. Well Miss Nebraska you are quite a talker when you want to be. Thanks for coming to my house this week. I loved seeing you.


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