Saturday, December 29, 2007

Back to my house

Today we cleaned up Auntie Rachel's house and packed up the car to go home. While Mommy packed, I watched Baby Einstein on a little TV. I liked it alot because I could bang on the desk while I was watching, and that was really fun.

I played for a while with my mirror this morning too. I have a funny thing in my mouth that Mommy calls a tongue. It's fun to see it in the mirror. Sometimes I get too close though.

When we left, I went to see the people who gave me my glasses so they could make them fit better. Then we went to Grandma C's house and I stayed with her for a while so Mommy could go get her hair done. Then we came all the way home.

Tonight when we got home I played with Pop a little. I sat up high and used his face to keep myself sitting up. He said I squished his face. He does it to me all the time, so I thought it was ok.

When it was almost time for bed, Mommy and Pop decided to go to Toro for some quick dinner. Miss Martha saw me coming in outside and was already at the door when we got there. Miss Chayo was there tonight too. She's Miss Martha's sister.
I walked around with Miss Martha while Mommy and Pop ate dinner. She showed everyone how cute I was in my glasses. She didn't even mind that I was in my p-jammies for sleeping.


  1. Oh Braska, you look so grown up with your glasses!! What a fun mirror - where did you get that?

  2. Braska, It looks like your glasses fit better. I had such a great time cuddling. I miss you, you little sweet thing. Thanks for coming to our house to visit.

  3. I love mirrors too. When you get bigger and you see a mirror in a store, you should stop and play in it like me. Then mommy and daddy don't know where you are and they start calling your name. It is a fun game!
    Tell Martha hi for me next time you see her.


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