Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas is all done

We had a big weekend at Grandma C's house with lots of good times and fun games. When we got there on Saturday, I sat at the table to learn how to play some cards. It was hard, so I don't think I'll be playing for a while. This is my Grandma C and Great-Grandma Eunice. They play cards pretty good.

Sunday I got all dressed in my Christmas dress and shiny shoes. Before we went to church, I got to play with a new toy from some friends in Kansas, and it is pretty fun. It makes sounds when I pat on it. I like to pat on alot of things now, so that is the perfect toy for me. I also took a picture with Belle. She's kind of like my sister but she's a dog.

On Monday I went to get my glasses, but you probably already read that story. I got to see Uncle Levi too, and I like cuddling with him. He's pretty funny too.

Tuesday was Christmas! We got up early and everyone went to the big room. There were a bunch of great big socks on the floor with bunches of stuff in them. Maybe Pop will tell you about the socks on his page, but I know they made everyone pretty happy. I got some nice toys and goodies in there.

After we got done with our socks, it was time to go through the boxes and open them all up. That was fun, and it took a very long time. Mommy and Pop helped me with most of my boxes, but I helped some with the paper.

I got books and clothes and toys but the biggest one was this one. It's really fun to play with!

Thank you to all my family and friends who got nice things for me!!


  1. Braska, you look great with those glasses and those presents! Is that the little Christmas dress Auntie Rachel got for you? Love that colorful pillow that makes sound when you pat on it! So glad you had a good time! Rest well -- new adventures are just around the corner. Love from your family in South MO!!!!

  2. aw that is such a beautiful dress! looks like she had some fun!


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