Sunday, December 16, 2007

Days of snow

Snow came down all day Saturday so we stayed inside. It was COLD!

Pop tried something new, and it was kind of fun!

I thought it was neat to see up high like that. And I was holding on tight to his hairs so I didn't fall off.

Saturday night Mommy and Pop went to a Christmas party with some friends, so I went to see Miss Debbie and Mr. Kevin at their house. It was a fun time and Mr. Kevin even did exercises with me.

This is what Mommy and I sat and watched tonight. I thought it was very pretty, and Mommy says that every time it snows we will get to sit down and watch it because it's her favorite thing. I think it's gonna be one of my favorite things too.

On Sunday there was even MORE snow! So we stayed in the whole day, even church was cancelled! It was really fun to see all the snow, but Pop didn't like having to push the snow outside so that we could get the cars out of the garage.
Mommy decided I should look sunny and bright since there was so much white snow around. I always like to look at the pretty colors on my legs.
I was kind of sleepy when I was sitting by Pop on his couch, and then Mommy showed this to me, so I guess I took a little nap.

Sunday night Pop went to play cards at Miss De's shop, and he called to tell us there was a little party there, so Mommy and I bundled up and went over for a little bit.


  1. Snow is such a beautiful thing to watch! I love your colorful legs - what fun!!

  2. You do have the most fun don't you. We had to cancel our church too, but we put a jigsaw puzzle together.

  3. Those Baby Legs are so cute and look so comfy! I think I may have to get Logan some...I know they come it blue! They are so perfect for a girl though!!

  4. So Braska, who's your favorite Captain? I see you snuggling pretty close to Captain Quantum Leap.

  5. Yes, Braska, your mommy always liked snow and I know you'll love to see it fall and play in it, too. I can remember when I liked a lot more than I do now. That's partly because I am old Papa Beagle. We had "home church" Sunday morning -- just the five of us; but we got to go to our church's Christmas meeting at our friends' house on Sunday night. Sure glad it warmed up and all that stuff melted down here yesterday & today!

  6. Braska you are adorable!!!

    Rhett has some cute cow baby legs...they are the best for hospital stays!!!

    Hope you get lots of snow for Christmas!!

  7. You've had such fun things to do! We got a little snow, but our trees all looked like they were made out of glass. I'd love to watch the snow with you and mommy sometime.
    Merry Christmas, sweetie peach!


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