Sunday, December 2, 2007

Miss Martha is back!!

Last night we went to Toro, and guess who was there??? Miss Martha!

She's been gone so long I almost forgot who she was. She's been helping her family who owns Toro to open some new ones in towns around us.

There was alot of people there, and I got to walk around with Miss Martha and see everyone. She came to say hi to Mommy and Pop when we got there, and then she picked me up and took me around with her. I got to go with her while she was helping people get to their tables and everything. Mommy and Pop got to eat their whole dinner by themselves. There were alot of people working tonight that we know, so I saw some of them in the kitchen and all around. I made some new friends with some nice ladies at one table, and they even remembered my name and came to say bye to me when they left later on. Pop thought that was pretty cool. He and Mommy were pretty proud, they said.

We also saw some friends that Mommy knows from her work that were there too. So it was fun to get to see everyone and talk to so many people. It was like a big party, and that's why it's our favorite place to go.

Miss Martha has been trying since I was a tiny baby to come up with a good Latino name for me, because she said Mommy and Pop called me a pickle when I was in Mommy's tummy. They told me that they used to go in there back then and they called me the little Pepino. Miss Martha told them it wasn't right to call me that because it meant pickle! So she told them that she would give me a new Latino name instead. She decided that my name is Little Luna or moon, and Mommy and Pop thought that was perfect. Pop's song for me (scroll down past the scary pics) says that I'm his moon, and Mommy always says that she loves my little moonface. So Miss Martha picked the perfect name and she didn't know it! I'm Little Luna!

When we got ready to go, Miss Martha even said we didn't need to pay for our dinner! Isn't that super nice of her?!? She's the best! I'm so glad she's back. We'll have to go see her alot, but Mommy says we might not be able to eat every time. Ha ha!


  1. Way to go Miss Martha!

    Braska, you are LOOKIN' GOOD! Miss Luna! That's great! And free food, too!

    Love to all,
    Papa Beagle

  2. Shannon...I don't know what's up. It's working on this end. Sorry! I'll reset it and see if that helps.

  3. Yippee! martha's back! BTW, I think Little Luna is perfect for you too. Too cute:-) See you soon

  4. You are a cutie little Miss and where are your spectacles? I keep checking in to see if you have them yet. I imagine you will be as cute and you can be with them.

  5. I love your name Miss Luna! Glad your friend is back - it sounds like a fun night out!

  6. Braska, You are such a sweet Miss Luna! I love all the fun places that your mom and pop take you to. My mom wants to know what kind of work your mom does (we know she works from home, that is so special). Sending kisses your way from Tommy!

  7. A big shout out to Martha from Leuven! I wish your family would open some restaurants over here!


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