Monday, December 17, 2007

Playtime smiles

Miss Judy came this morning for my playtime exercises. It was pretty fun today! She had a new toy that made neat sounds and if I pushed on the blue part a ball came out and lights looked all pretty. Then she had a fun ball that I played with for a while too. She says it's practicing my legs for when I want to walk later.

Tonight the Bears were on TV, so we got in our "Bears wear." While I was getting dressed, I showed Mommy and Pop how I could sit for a while, and they thought it was pretty fun. Pop took some movies too for you to watch, but Mommy thinks she sounds silly on them, so don't tell her that I let you see it! Shhhhhh....

Oh, and I almost forgot to show you my snazzy new outfit from Auntie Rachel's red for Christmas, but I'm almost too long for it already because I'm a big girl!


  1. So cute! I watched the video, and she's doing great. (And I was happy to see the hands (RK's?) appear on the side at one point -- she was making me nervous, all alone on that big table and wiggling around!)

    Good thing Christmas is soon, so she can wear that pretty outfit. A lot of Abby's pants seem too short all of a sudden, too. Growth spurts?

  2. Cate, those were my hands, and they were at the ready just out of shot. I'm not the most cautious, but I don't trust her so much yet.

    Must be the growth spurt season... it's just that her stuff that's long enough is so darn huge around the middle!

  3. Hey little Cutie. You are good at sitting up right now. I can't wait until I get to see you. That will be fun. Get ready for a rockin' good time.

  4. Great pics! I forgot to tell you that I have many of your newest pics on my pocket pc and I have been showing you off a lot! If I could just figure out how to put your video clips into my handheld and play them on Windows media.....

  5. I love watching you play. Thanks for making me smile, too! Love you!!

  6. Oh she is just too cute playing and wiggling those feet!

    Braska is doing an awesome job on the sitting!!

  7. look at her!
    I got julia propped up like that for - oh three seconds or so!
    Go Braska!
    J's early interventionist also had the same toy but she's still too little for it so I am glad to see a glimpse of the future here.


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