Monday, December 3, 2007

Fun picture day

Today I ate some food and Mommy let me make a big mess. After I got done, Mommy showed me my new baby hot tub. She also calls it the sink. I fit in it just right and I can sit up big!

After my bath, I put on a new shirt from Auntie Skye. Mommy says I'll get to wear it all winter because I can grown into it.

All that fun left me a bit worn out. So I napped while Mommy worked.


  1. ADORABLE with a capital A!

  2. Oh the life -- I wish I could rest like that!

  3. What a nifty hot tub! It's obvious you really enjoyed it. Hope your trip home from STL goes safely and smoothly!

  4. oh Braska I just love your little outfits!

  5. Oh Braska! You in the 'hot tub' is such a cute spot for you. Tommy enjoys that "personal" bathtub too. Take care!


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