Saturday, December 1, 2007

Time for more catchin' up

I have been running around alot, and Mommy and Pop haven't felt very good, so I kind of got behind in putting up some pictures and stories. But I have had some fun things that I wanted to tell you about and show you, so I'll do my best to remember what they were!

Last Sunday we were at Grandma C and Grandpa J's house. I wore one of my new dresses that Auntie Rachel got me for early Christmas. Grandma C like my shoes alot, and I did too because they were all shiny.

At church I sat with Grandma C and played with the shiny thing she was wearing. It was fun, and I don't think Grandpa J minded that I wasn't listening to him talk.

Sunday afternoon I played for a while in the bedroom with Mommy for some quiet time. She was changing my clothes, but I like to play for a little bit before she gets me dressed again.

Mommy snuck in and took some pictures of me on Wednesday while I was napping. She thinks this is a funny way to sleep, but I think it's pretty comfy.

On Thursday I got to wear a new outfit that I've had since I was a tiny baby. Pop's Aunt Valerie sent it to me last year, but I finally can fit in it. Mommy says that's funny because it's 3 to 6. I'm not sure what that means except that I am kind of little, I guess. I like it though because it is really soft and cozy. Thanks Aunt Valerie!

That night I helped Pop with playing games on the computer for a while. He told Mommy it was funny that I used my foot, too!


  1. Thanks for those GREAT pictures, Braska! I really like those where you are smiling so big!

    Keep on growing and smiling and sending out the news!

    Papa Beagle

  2. You have the most beautiful smile Miss Braska! I love all the nice clothes :)

  3. Braska, those are some COOL duds! You are so sweet. Georgia sleeps like that sometimes too! And she LOVES putting her feet on her Mom's computer table too! :)

  4. Braska - Those are some great updates! I am glad you took the time. That new dress sure is pretty! I hope you mommy & pop are feeling better.

  5. You are so smart, Braska. I'll bet no one else can do computer with one hand and one foot. Is that called ambipedextrous?

  6. She is a doll! She will look adorable with glasses too. I've dealt with this with my older children and the jury is still out for Eliana. I understand not wanting to put them on their little faces. ((((RK))))

    She will learn and eventually like them as they will help her to see so much better.


  7. That is one NICE Cmas dress there Braska! :)
    Love, Auntie Rach

  8. "How cute are you?" Way too cute, that is how cute you are! Thanks for the stories. You should make your mommy some tea, tell her that will help with all the yuckiness. Talk to you soon.

  9. that little lady is SO very well dressed
    the nap shots are cutest.

    I need to trade this gtube in for a button.
    already ha!

  10. Braska is SOOOO cute!! I love her Christmas dress and especially the picture of her sleeping with her legs up in the air!!! SO CUTE!! She is getting so big!

  11. Braska, you get cuter every day, if that's possible! And what a funny way to sleep!

  12. Wow, I thought you would have outgrown that outfit! Later in life you will enjoy being a few sizes smaller! I am glad you have comfy clothes and you are doing so well! I think of you everyday. We are having flooding all around here, but our immediate area is just fine....lots of rain! I love you three! Auntie V

  13. oh how cute is she??? love the baby legs too


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