Thursday, March 25, 2010

Go Playground PLLease!

Yesterday after I took my bath to get all that yucky stuff out of my hair, we went to pick up KiKi from Uncle Patrick’s.  When we got home, before Mommy even got me out of my seat, I said “Go pLLLayground pLLLease**!”  

Mommy was so surprised that I just decided to go to the playground all by myself.  She thought about it for just a minute and then said we could go! Yay!  So we turned right around and went to the playground to have some fun. 

I just LOVE to swing. It’s my favorite part.  Can you tell??  I always tell Mommy, “Push pLLLease! More push pLLLease!”
Kinlee wasn’t sure about the swings again, but got happy after a few minutes.  She wanted to go run around more, so so didn’t swing very long. KiKi is learning how to take her shoes off, too. See, she is practicing.

Mommy says she is also practicing throwing a fit.  I don’t see her throw anything, but she does yell and flop on her belly.

I figured I’d just rest if she was going to.

I don’t know what she was doing, but KiKi kept going to this part and yelling and making a mad face.  Then she would go play with something else. There wasn’t anyone else there, so I don’t know who she was yelling at.

I was getting pretty tired after the swinging, so I just sat and watched Kinlee mostly.  She decided to do the slide, but she wouldn’t let Mommy help her.  So she did it her way.

KiKi got grouchy and wanted a snack, so Mommy gave her fish crackers.

I thought maybe I’d taste one too. Mommy was surprised!

We had a really good time, even though I got tired. I got up really early yesterday, so I was ready for a nap when we got home.  When it stops raining like today, Mommy says we can go back again.

**Mommy note: The “pLLLease” is due to the fact that Braska is working very hard to stress her L sound.  She flips her tongue up to the top of her mouth and puts great force behind her L’s lately.  It’s pretty silly, but it’s great enunciation!


  1. Great story and great pictures. PLLLLLLLease keep it up!

  2. Ahh they both are so cute.
    Working on those "L's" is really good for her. I had a niece that would pronounce "L's" as "W's" so playground became pwayground. We worked with her too and then she would do like Braska is doing with her tongue. It worked and before long she was able to say her "L's" plan as could be.
    I bet Braska will be doing the same soon.

    Hey that is good that Braska wanted to consider eating some of Kinlee's snack food. I have a feeling the more she actually see's Kinlee eat the more curious she will get about food and hopefully will be able to eat them. But trying is a step in the right direction.

    Sounds like other than Kinlee attempting to throw tantrum fit things went well at the Park.

    BTW Mom, you the Tantrums only get worst over time if you do not try and stop them in the beginning.
    I know they are so cute at first but after a while I promise they are not so cute anymore. LOL!!
    Braska was looking at her like "I never did those so why are you?"


  3. after that request (great job Braska!) I would have taken her to the playground too! Love the pic in the swing - she sure was happy to get to go there!


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